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We were asked to help create a changing stations for their outdoor March of Dimes event. We produced custom 10’ x 10’ tents, table covers, wind flags and of course changing tables.

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Robin Hood Dart Board


BBC America was going through a rebrand and requested premiums to help promote their new logo and new show, Robin Hood. The dart board illustrated both new looks and drew viewers to the timeslot in a fun and engaging way.

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Johnny Appleseed Apple Luge

FGS designed a custom apple luge mold as a way to distribute samples and build brand awareness of the new Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider.  The illuminated apple shell housed a tube so that the beverage could be poured through the stem and served at the base.

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Dos Equis Bottle Opener & Mirror

Our client wanted a premium that would draw the attention of the consumer in bars and promote the Dos Equis brand.  The eye-catching shark head bottle opener engaged existing customers and potential new audiences, along with a corresponding illuminated mirror.

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