Covergirl Mani-Cam

FGS was asked to to create a mani-cam set for an event in Miami for Olay/Covergirl.

Related Work

  • Pampers


    We were asked to help create a changing stations for their outdoor March of Dimes event. We produced custom 10’ x 10’ tents, table covers, wind flags and of course changing tables.
  • Gain Washer & Dryer

    Gain Washer & Dryer

    The FGS creative team created a full-size Gain washer and dryer POS for the Essence Festival in New Orleans.
  • Robin Hood Dart Board

    Robin Hood Dart Board

      BBC America was going through a rebrand and requested premiums to help promote their new logo and new show, Robin Hood. The dart board illustrated both new looks and drew viewers to the timeslot in a fun and engaging way.